5 Reasons Why Cable Management is Important

5 Reasons Why Cable Management is Important

1. Organization

- It provides you and your employees with easy access to the cables and to the devices they are connected to. 

- Color coding is an excellent way to know which cable does what job. Also, there is a device called a label maker that you can use to print out labels...it's an organizational lifesaver!

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2. Time

- If you can't find which cable belongs to which device it WILL take more time to do whatever it is you initially set out to do. You might even get so confused in the middle of trying to make sense of it all you will have forgotten why you were there in the first place. 

- Getting lost in the cables leads to a decrease in efficiency. Simple tasks won't be so simple anymore. 

3. Safety

- If cables become tangled they are more likely to lead to an unsafe working environment. Sparks lead to fires. People tripping lead to hospitals which leads to bills and damage to equipment. Let's be real, that equipment probably costs more than you're comfortable saying, so the repairs or replacement is going to be ridiculous. 

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This is not safe!

4. Troubleshooting

- One of the first ways to troubleshoot a problem with a piece of electronic equipment is to test cables. It's a pretty simple task, but as we learned with reason #2, time becomes an enemy when things aren't in order. If its a mess then troubleshooting becomes more of a hassle. 

- Quick access and the ease in which it takes to test cables, and switch out cables is only possible with good cable management. 

5. Looks

- I know this is going to sound a little vain, but one of the main, if not most important, reasons for cable management is that it just looks better. Your company, your employees, everything looks more professional when your cables are managed. 

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